Eco Drawing Workshops

For ages 5+

Eco Drawing Workshops are a combination of concerns for the environmental issues around the Planet and the use of art for environmental awareness, as well as fun.

I begin the workshops with participants learning the importance of taking care of our Planet with author/illustrator Linda Nissen Samuels' Elly's Adventure Books, a series of children's books, which focus on ecology. To bring the whole concept of environmental awareness together, Linda could not be any more inspiring. Combining her passion for conservation and her artistic flair, Linda has used her skill to show young people the wonder and fragility of the world around them.

The narration is followed by a presentation of the how-to-draw method created by Linda from her book DRAW WATER AND OTHER THINGS, which was illustrated by myself. The participants receive a copy of the book to use, and then take home with them. They are shown how to follow the book and create their own art.



I have worked with Linda Nissen Samuels for many years delivering how-to-draw workshops for children at art galleries, book fairs, charity events, primary schools and community events; outdoors or indoors. The book DRAW WATER AND OTHER THINGS is considered a very useful aid for pupils and teachers alike.

The books can also be part of a fun activity at children's birthday parties, while, at the same time, promoting ideas to care for the Planet.

Waterstones, Cass Art, Dulwich Picture Gallery, Tales on Moon Lane and bookstores specialising in children's books in London have hosted the drawing workshops. While their wards happily draw for fun, those accompanying them get a chance to browse the bookshop.

It is a form of partnership where Linda and I, on one hand, offer our time to give workshops for free and to spread the word about the books on environment and art, and on the other hand, the shop, school, art gallery or charity organisation add enjoyment, art and environmental education to their event.



Eco Drawing Workshops, at Weald Country Park, Essex from May until October 2019 being promoted by Essex Country Parks.

Weald Country Park - Belvedere Barn (by Belvedere Car Park)

The workshops are held outdoors in a covered space near the Visitors Centre, suitable for kid's educational gatherings or parties.

Planet Essex Festival at the Cressing Temple Barns, with Linda and Irene giving three free Eco Drawing Workshops throughout the day.

Brentwood Art Trail 2019, at The Baytree Shopping Centre in Brentwood, offering a free Eco Drawing Workshop for the community.

SNAP, how-to-draw workshop, adding up fun to their Siblings' Event.



DRAW WATER AND OTHER THINGS introduces children and adults to the basics of drawing by making it simple. It can be an intervention within Art Therapy sessions and a boon for people with learning disabilities. From easy step-by-step drawings with simple lines and circles, it can with time, become a form of authentic expression, helping the Art Therapy process to unfold with the client's needs.

For enquires about Eco Drawing Workshops please get in touch with me, Irene Malvezi, at or call on 07715601222.

Workshops last approximately one hour and cost £15 per participant, which includes a copy of the book DRAW WATER AND OTHER THINGS to take home.

The book price is £9.99 or directly from Irene for £5.00. Please see more details on Art for Sale page.

To learn more about Linda's books please visit:

Irene Malvezi