Weald Park Wellness Group

Let Nature Nurture You.

Art Psychotherapist, Irene Malvezi, formed the group in January 2019. It is a focus group for all adults, which aims to promote the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of being in nature.

The group runs therapeutic/healing/art outdoor workshops at the Weald Country Park several times a year for two or three hours each time. The aim is to reconnect and cherish nature and to explore how it can support our personal development and general sense of wellbeing. During each workshop we walk through open and shaded woodland. We work with specific designed exercises to enhance our senses and we create reflective artwork with natural materials (no previous art skills needed).

The people on our events might be; those who have experienced psychotherapy or counselling, people who have never experienced psychotherapy or counselling, people who love nature and feel the need for stillness, those who want to focus on personal growth. We welcome adults with learning disabilities.

We comply with Health and Safety regulations highlighting clearly issues to be aware of in the outside environment. Therefore, offering participants the opportunity to work safely outdoors in nature.

Being outdoors allows the therapy process to be experienced across a range of domains (internal/external, self/other, concrete/symbolic, felt/imagined, soma/psyche). It is an embodied process.

Modern research clearly shows the benefits of being outdoors in nature, including: increased feelings of wellbeing, reductions in stress, improved concentration and attention, to name a few.



Irene Malvezi
I am an HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) and BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists) registered Art Psychotherapist. I recognise the therapeutic effects from having contact with nature and I am interested in ways to explore the self through the relationship with the environment and natural materials.

Linda Toms
My work as a Spiritual Companion centres on acknowledgement of the wonder of existence including our deep connection with nature. I have studied the Goddess tradition in Britain and this included work in the landscape especially in Glastonbury, Somerset. As well as training as a counsellor in the 1990s I managed a counselling and mental health service for several years in an inner city further education college. My background is in social psychology. I've led a variety of groups and workshops over the last twenty-five years, and I integrate work outside wherever I can. I have an interest in shamanism, Jungian psychotherapy and Way of Council.

Karon Stubbs
I am a qualified Aromatherapist and Well-Being Advisor. I provide help and treatments to both private and corporate clients. I am constantly inspired by the endless bounty nature has to offer us. I have always been interested in how this can help us to understand our true essence or self at a deeper level; therefore for our own wellbeing. Buddhist meditation and study both relax me and offer great insight into the causes of our suffering as human beings. Being outside amongst nature is a comforting and nurturing space in which we can learn to care for ourselves and for the Whole, of which we are part.

Anna Syanda
I am interested in holistic healing, which involves alternative health practices, complementary medicines and addresses body, mind and spirit; Ayurveda (Sanskrit word for "the knowledge of life") is one of them. I am also interested in herbalism, nutrition, yoga and meditation as methods to open us to our own natural wholeness. I love nature and have always been exploring our deep connection with our environment. Also I am a very keen cook and like to experiment with different diets, especially plant based as a means of a healthy lifestyle.



Environmental Arts Therapy (EAT)

This therapeutic Workshop is outdoors and uses natural materials, specific locations, natural cycles, themes and elements as integral parts of the art making process. It is an opportunity to work safely outdoors, and with nature, allowing individuals or client groups to slow down, observe and listen deeply to life itself, and to develop a better understanding of how to cope with personal difficulties.


Walking The Labyrinth

Walking the Labyrinth is an outdoor healing workshop focusing on the inner self. Participants are guided along a journey into the centre of the Labyrinth. This centre symbolises a safe space where we connect to our inner selves in order to heal and replenish our soul.


Crossing the Bridge

Based on the 'Environmental Arts Therapy and the Tree of Life' book (EAT) by Ian Siddons Heginworth, this workshop happens in November. It symbolises the Alder tree, known since ancient times to be good wood for building bridges. During mindful walking participants collect natural materials and build a bridge over a ditch. The experience of walking across the bridge works as a metaphor - crossing from the old to the New Year. It is an opportunity to observe and transform feelings that may arise during the process.


Tree Bathing

We often don't realise that we are like trees in many ways and they have lots to teach us. They have their very beautiful parts such as shiny leaves, fruits, and fresh new roots, and also their decaying parts, which reflect the scars on the cycle of their journey. They are often bent and rarely perfect and like us need the air to breathe in order to survive. Sit or stand with your back to a tree – listen. Touch a tree – feel its energy.

In this workshop we walk through woodland surroundings to experience ways in which they can support our wellbeing.



Direct physical contact with the vast supply of electrons on the surface of the Earth.

Reconnection with the Earth's electrons has been found to promote intriguing physiological changes and subjective reports of well-being. Earthing (or grounding) refers to the discovery of benefits such as better sleep and reduced pain.


Art Al Fresco

Linda's bluebell field.
Irene's birds' sounds sketching.

For relaxation and fun, no art experience required.

Please read this feedback from a participant:

"I have no art experience but I love being in nature. I adored this workshop and felt perfectly still and at peace during the two hours we spent drawing bluebells. Irene provided wonderful guidance and I went home to proudly display my masterpiece! I'm moved to do more."


Check for forthcoming events and bookings at our Weald Park Wellness Group Facebook page


Workshop fees from £15.00 to £45.00 per participant, depending on the workshop.

The workshops are suitable for adults. However, if you are under 18 or have additional needs/disabilities and would like to attend then you must be accompanied by an adult family member or carer. This person would then be a group participant and also pay half of the fee price. This will provide well-being benefits for the adult or carer who will also gain from the group activities.



Please contact Irene Malvezi

Email: or 07715601222.

Participants are kindly asked to confirm and commit their presence by paying Workshop's fee to PayPal account by the latest one week before the event.

CANCELLATIONS are non-refundable. Money will only be refunded if the workshop is cancelled in the event of bad weather or other circumstances beyond our control.

For payments please use PayPal

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Weald Park Wellness is a not-for-profit group. Our aim is to bring together the local community to share the benefits of being in nature as well as exploring our creativity in a safe and easy way. To do this we keep the cost of our workshops low so that they are accessible to everyone.

If you are unable to afford the rate please let us know. We try to ensure that no one is turned away because of lack of funds.

Please get in touch with Irene Malvezi if you have any queries or require more information at or 07715601222.



The Weald Park Wellness Group meeting point is at the Brentwood Arts Therapy Centre at 9, Hatch Road, Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwood, Essex, CM15 9PU, from which we will walk to Weald Country Park for the outdoor workshops. There is plenty of car parking outside the Centre. The bus route is the 37 (First Essex), every 20 minutes. The stop is at the beginning of Hatch Road by the corner shops. The Centre is opposite the bus stop. The Centre's front door is wheelchairs accessible but not the toilet.



Irene Malvezi